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Jamee grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. She is the youngest of three children, which she attributes to her outgoing personality and survivor mentality. She attended grade school through college in her home state. After graduation she began her career in psychology as a counselor in a state mental facility. Later that year her mother died suddenly, and the course of her life would change forever.

Jamee decided to grab life and take chances. She quit her job, broke her lease, sold her car and moved to New York City. Upon arrival, she took a summer acting class at NYU and was immediately hooked. The next six years revolved around acting and directing theater. A play called, “Or Forever Hold Your Peace” was turned into a screenplay and was set to film in Los Angeles. Jamee was cast in the film, and a move to the west coast followed. Her love of writing helped launch a successful stand up comedy career in the mid 2000’s. She had an amazing opportunity to tour the country for six months and perform, an experience that has been one of the best of her life.

Focusing on a future that keeps her closer to home, Jamee is interested in maintaining her career theme of helping and engaging people through coaching. She wants to use the self-empowerment she gained through entertainment and share it with others. There is no better time then now to embark on this amazing journey. Most recently, Jamee has married and settled in Long Beach California with her husband Jeff, golden retriever Samantha and two imaginary kids.

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Coach Biography

I am a recovering stand up comedian. I’ve spent more than a decade in charge of marketing, writing and delivering all of the funny in my career. My business was my own. The struggle of juggling all of those roles was overwhelming, but the gift was discovering the power that exists in all of us to succeed. We are worth more than many of us give ourselves credit for.

I help struggling business professionals uncover their inner CEO and breakthrough to upward mobility. Highly effective people still need help breaking through barriers to the next level of success. Seeking power positions in the workplace has to start with the discovery of our own inner power and substance. No one is immune from climbing the professional ladder, but how you do it can be more satisfying than you think. So, if you’re interested in what we can to together, I offer complimentary sample sessions as an introduction.

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What They Say

Maggie M.

“Jamee is so approachable and easy to talk with. She gave me her full attention and had really great assessments in guiding me.” 

Emily K.

“My confidence and self-image have improved so much after coaching with Jamee, thank you!”

Caitlin M.

“Working with Jamee made me realize that I’m not alone in my thinking. She was so helpful in making sense of my challenges”

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