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What You See is What You Get

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

The Power of Silence

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Happy Monday

I discussed Time & Place in my last blog with regards to leadership skills.  Let’s build on this idea and analyze the power of observation. Think of observation as the GPS for Time & Place.  Positioning yourself in right places requires a distinct understanding of your surroundings.  So, how do we hone our observation skills?

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People tend to think that they are great observers because they spend so much time watching.  Viewing is not observing.  One is a pastime the other a skill.  Observing is a trait that requires active thinking in the present.  The thought process in your head must be only about the moment that is happening.  You can take what you’ve observed and use it in a future situation, but while you are actively observing you must literally take it in moment to moment. This idea is a bit tedious so; let’s take the time to unpack this.

 When you’re sitting on the beach looking over the vast, beautiful ocean it can seem like your observing, but you’re actually watching. It’s no less important, but the exploration method is different. The act of watching gives you the power and pure fun of time travel. While watching the waves crash on the beach you can go back in time and reflect on what’s past and you can dive into an unknown future and make plans. You have the freedom of visiting any portion of your life that you desire.

 Observing does not allow you change lanes so easily. For example, let’s say you’re running a business meeting where the goal is to solve a specific ongoing internal problem, like correcting ongoing employee expense mistakes. (Yes we’ve left the beach) As the observer you have to stay in the exact moment of each person’s participation. If they refer to the past for solutions you can go with them, but only if they do. You must stay remain completely present in order to organize all the words and energy in real time so you, as the leader, can find the best solution.

 As you hone your observation skills they will take you to the right place and the right time to enjoy continued success in your business. What three things will you do this week to improve your observation skills?

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