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Time & Place

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

The importance of where you are, let’s discuss…



Have you ever been in a situation where you really wanted to say something but decided not to speak, or blurted something out at the exact wrong time? Have you ever been in a group discussion that you really wanted to walk away from? These are time and place moments that, if honed correctly, establish gravitas and distinguish you from the rest.
Last week we discussed intuition as a subtle but strong leadership trait. Now, let’s move on to one that’s not as subtle as it is overlooked, the element of time and place. When we watch movies or plays some of the most poignant moments are entrances and exits. These moments often make a mark without a word said. We still get a good laugh when Kramer blows into Jerry’s apartment, flinging the door open and sliding into the scene. So what does time and place mean for leaders? How does this quality factor into decision-making?
These fluid situations don’t usually present themselves the same way twice. So, the trick is a balance of self-awareness in relation to our surroundings. This may sound easy to maneuver, but it’s actually a very tedious task. It is difficult in the most basic setting, much less in the careless, chaotic social media climate of modern times.
So, how do we hone these skills? Starting tomorrow I’ll be blogging about ways to improve situational status. Tactical things that you can have in your arsenal to help you stand out, so stay tuned.
In the mean time, here is my challenge to you. For the next week actively observe yourself and keep a record of the moments time and place influenced your decision-making. Don’t worry about a perfect result. Just make sure you are aware of when and how your’e using them and make a note. Be sure to share your experience on my blog

The best way to learn is from each other.

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