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In the age of Twitter, texts and tags, is it still okay to say hey the old-fashioned way? Do you find yourself staring at your phone thinking, “Should I call or is that too much?” Why has choosing to reach out and hear an actual human voice become a weighted decision in our lives?

I don’t think we’re purposely trying to be dismissive but having smart phones in our hands for over a decade has made us lazy when it comes to meaningful communication. Recently, I was hurrying through a typical day and realized, I was texting my family with the same flat affect I used to text my friends about what time to meet for dinner. I stopped and thought, “When did this start?”

Distance creates the illusion of safety. To a certain extent, we all hide behind our phones. In less than twenty years we have replaced conversations with texts, texts with emojis, and emojis with GIPHYS. Sometimes a GIPHY is perfect, but I challenge all of you to make a list of the people in your life who should still be a phone call but aren’t.  There is joy in hearing the voice of someone you love, or someone who has impacted your life. Humans need emotional nourishment as much as we need food to survive. Hearing the voice of someone you love feeds the soul.

Have a great week. Call someone!


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