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Rush. Shop. Validate. Popularity.

Is your life full of people, but you feel empty? Do you have a packed social calendar, but the only companion that really gets you is a stiff drink?

But wait… you have lots of followers and weekends include gender reveal parties and cookouts. You are living large right? How can I have all of this and not feel happy?  It’s better than being alone, right?! No…it’s not.

Welcome to unhealthy America. Our schedules are our sickness. We live in a “be busy be better” society. Slowing down feels like losing. You have to RSVP to the next event because you don’t want to miss out, it could change your life, until it doesn’t. So, you spent money you don’t have on a new outfit to go with the overpriced shoes you bought for the gender reveal.

Here’s a crazy thought. Check out for a while.

I don’t mean leave it all behind and retreat into wilderness to live off the land. Our all or nothing attitude can make us feel like any type of change will reduce our status to something less than fabulous.

Make small changes. Decline one event and take a hike alone. Don’t worry, the event will be recorded, announced and liked second by second on social media anyway. Speaking of which, on your hike, leave the phone!  You’re doing a two-mile hike within ten miles of your house not Everest, you’ll be fine.

I’ve been lonely and I’ve been alone; lonely felt perilous being alone felt empowering. Find the courage to spend time with only yourself at least once a week. I promise you it will provide you the clarity you need to really engage in the things that make you happy and more importantly rid yourself the things that don’t.