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Give Them Their Generation

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Blog | 2 comments

Cross Talk

There seems to be a never-ending appetite for generational conflicts in our society. The foretold design goes as follows, the older generation doesn’t understand, but the younger generation doesn’t listen. Topped with the belief that no matter what generaton you land in, it’s smarter and wiser than all of the others.

X’s think Boomers don’t get it and everyone thinks Millenials don’t get it. As a woman in her 40’s I’m starting to experience some of the more typical themes. Music can sound like noise at times and foul language bothers me more than it used to.  Used to is the key term here. Growing older is inevitable, but forgetting where you came from is a choice. When it comes to life, embrace time travel it’s the only chance we ever get, and for effective communication it crucial.

 When you engage in a conversation with someone notice their age and instead of ignoring it, or worst of all judging it, embrace it.  We are a product of our experiences, remember someone born is 1955 had different experiences than someone born in 1985. When interacting with people give them their generation it will allow the dialogue to move more freely creating progress. Think about this, if you are 35 years old speaking with a 20-year-old by seven they had an iPhone in their hands, and at seven you had an etch-a-sketch. Have a great week, wash your hands.

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