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I was recently referred to as, “a woman of a certain age.” The term made me feel like less, like the peak of my life was behind me. Then I started thinking about the road that got me here and this is what I discovered.

As a woman of a certain age:

I am certain that I have conquered many fears.

I am certain wisdom is worthier than looks.

I am certain that an enriched life can be more valuable than a rich life.

I am certain that laughter helps heal a broken heart.

I am certain that hope is fear turned inside out.

I am certain surviving the darkest days of my life formed the wick that now lights my way.

I am certain that courage beats conformity.

I am certain in choosing knowledge over noise.

I am certain that having a man is nice not a need.

I am certain that thinking about change is scarier than actual change.

I am certain that my age lines and scars are proof of battles won.